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The Day After Judgment

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The Day After Judgment

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Author: James Blish
Publisher: Avon, 1982
Penguin Books, 1974
Doubleday, 1971
Series: After Such Knowledge: The Devil's Day: Book 2

1. Black Easter
2. The Day After Judgment

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy / Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Dark Fantasy
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(26 reads / 11 ratings)


Baines is a bored businessman with a taste for the macabre -- a munitions dealer accustomed to fomenting war wherever and whenever he can. But nuclear proliferation has, ironically, been bad for business, and Baines needs something, anything to reverse that trend. His restless mind conceives a notion that satisfies his desire for profit and amusement both -- a scheme for letting lose all the demons of Hell for one night of unfettered destruction -- and he commissions Theron Ware, the great Black Magician, to carry out the plan.

Ware alone has the ability -- and the power -- to call up those chained to the darkness. Crimes of violence, chiefly murder, are his specialty. He will arrange for demons to kill almost anyone...for a price. As his scruples are invoked, the fee rises. But for Baines' commission, the payment can't be high enough. For Theron Ware has never before attempted to work his evil skill on such a monstrous scale. And if he cannot call the demons home again, their liberation will be permanent -- a catastrophe for the entire human race.


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The Day After Judgment

- spoltz


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