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About Worlds Without End

Contact WWEnd

Got something to say about Worlds Without End? Questions or suggestions? Corrections or complaints? We want to hear from you. Please take a moment and review the FAQ before you submit your question. If you can't find the answers you need, or if something is still unclear, hit us up in the forum in our Comments & Suggestions section. You are also welcome to to email us directly at info (at) worldswithoutend (dot) com.

You can generally find us, and a lot of useful information, in the forum. We encourage you to join in the conversation.

Join Us on Discord!

If you're looking for a quick online chat you can now reach us on our new:

Ten Forward Voice Channel on the WWEnd Discord Server

All of us Admins work online and we're making ourselves available during the work week. We have lots of free time throughout the day for a quick Q&A or even an extensive conversation depending on the day and our work load. We will log into Ten Forward in the morning around 9AM CT. If you don't get an immediate response it probably means we're in a meeting or otherwise busy so we might have to delay our chat but it should not be a long wait most of the time.

If you already use Discord it should be easy enough for you to join us in the audio voice channel we set up. If you're new to Discord, you can create a temporary membership to enter the room. We'll be using Discord more in the near future so if you want to keep up with our goings-on you might consider setting up your own account.

Got something you want to talk about? Pop in and have a go. We'll be around.