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Marooned on Mars

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Marooned on Mars

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Author: Lester del Rey
Publisher: Thunderchild Publishing, 2014
Hutchinson & Co., 1954
Winston Science Fiction, 1952

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Space Exploration
First Contact
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Determined to be on the first rocket flight form the moon to Mars, stowaway Chuck Svensen endangers the experiment by hiding on board the Eros. His worst fears are realized when he discovers that his presence means less food and fuel for the rest of the crew. And when the Eros crash-lands on the strange Red Planet, Chuck takes it upon himself to bring the ship safely back to the moon. From his first encounter with the menacing rodent-like Marian creatures, to the startling climax in the weird catacombs of a ruined civilization, here is science-fiction at its bizarre best.


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Marooned on Mars

- Thomcat
Marooned on Mars

- dustydigger


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