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God's Girlfriend

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God's Girlfriend

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Author: Dr. Insensitive Jerk
Publisher: Self-Published, 2023
Series: Gaia's Wasp: Book 5
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Are Christians the mortal enemies of Libertarians, or are they each other's only friends?

The End Times have arrived but aren't going exactly as planned. Humans are brewing up the wrong holocaust, and God's infinitely wise, infinitely compassionate plan cannot stop it. If He is to save us, an infinitely wise and compassionate God will need the one thing He can only get from us: Cruel and stupid ideas. This could be Humanity's finest hour.

The Rapture has begun, but the details were slightly misunderstood. Instead of being snatched up to the sky, the righteous must move to Australia, where God's chosen people bought 9,900 square miles to build Galt's Gulch.

Unfortunately, Australian customs is confiscating the new arrival's belongings. Even so, everything was going great until Ron Paul and Chuck Norris showed up at the gate in an RV full of pregnant girlfriends, followed by an angry God Almighty in a mortal body, with hormones.


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