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A Natural History of Transition

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A Natural History of Transition

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Author: Callum Angus
Publisher: Metonymy Press, 2021

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Book Type: Collection
Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy / Horror
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A Natural History of Transition is a collection of short stories that disrupts the notion that trans people can only have one transformation. Like the landscape studied over eons, change does not have an expiration date for these trans characters, who grow as tall as buildings, turn into mountains, unravel hometown mysteries, and give birth to cocoons. Portland-based author Callum Angus infuses his work with a mix of alternative history, horror, and a reality heavily dosed with magic.


After he gave birth at the hospital, they wrapped up the cocoon -- the size of a loaf of bread, still damp from being inside him -- and told Nathan to keep an eye it, to give it fluids, that this happens sometimes, and they told him to not tell anyone. For the first 24 hours, he watched it from the corner of his bedroom. He lay it down inside a shoebox, unable to bring himself to put the cocoon in the crib. He swore he saw it twitch. He put his face close to the opaque carapace, thinking he could glimpse some fingers, or the struts that gave the wings their shape, but it was impossible to tell what was inside the murky soup. He thought the hospital had tricked him, that his baby was really out there in a barren woman's arms, that when they saw his shape laid out on the table, the scars on his wrists, the longer scars on his chest, they decided he couldn't be trusted with the fresh canvas of a new person, so they gave him this instead. And then another thought occurred to him, that this was the only thing that made sense coming out of his body: a nondescript brick, a game of wait-and-see.

Copyright © 2021 by Callum Angus


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