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Light From Uncommon Stars

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Light From Uncommon Stars

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Author: Ryka Aoki
Publisher: Tor, 2021

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: First Contact
Contemporary Fantasy
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(71 reads / 43 ratings)


Shizuka Satomi made a deal with the devil: to escape damnation, she must entice seven other violin prodigies to trade their souls for success. She has already delivered six.

When Katrina Nguyen, a young transgender runaway, catches Shizuka's ear with her wild talent, Shizuka can almost feel the curse lifting. She's found her final candidate.

But in a donut shop off a bustling highway in the San Gabriel Valley, Shizuka meets Lan Tran, retired starship captain, interstellar refugee, and mother of four. Shizuka doesn't have time for crushes or coffee dates, what with her very soul on the line, but Lan's kind smile and eyes like stars might just redefine a soul's worth. And maybe something as small as a warm donut is powerful enough to break a curse as vast as the California coastline.

As the lives of these three women become entangled by chance and fate, a story of magic, identity, curses, and hope begins, and a family worth crossing the universe for is found.


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Light From Uncommon Stars

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Light From Uncommon Stars

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Light From Uncommon Stars

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Light From Uncommon Stars

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