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Dinosaur Summer

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Dinosaur Summer

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Author: Greg Bear
Publisher: Warner Books, 1998

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alternate History (SF)
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Fifty years after professor Challenger's discovery of the Lost World, America's last dinosaur circus has gone bankrupt, leaving a dozen avisaurs, centrosaurs, ankylosaurs, and one large raptor abandoned. Now a daring expedition plans to do the impossible: return the Jurassic giants to the wild. Two filmmakers, a circus trainer, a journalist, and a young Peter Belzoni must find a way to take the dinosaurs across oceans, continents, rivers, jungles, up a mountain that has been isolated for 70,000 years... Then if they make it, all they'll do is face all the prehistoric wonders, dangers, and terrors of the Lost World.


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Dinosaur Summer

- Badseedgirl


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