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Echo in the Skull / Rocket to Limbo

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Echo in the Skull / Rocket to Limbo

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Author: John Brunner
Alan E. Nourse
Publisher: Ace Books, 1959

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Rocket to Limbo: Lars Heldrigsson was fresh out of the Colonial Service Academy and his first assignment was a milk-run to Vega aboard the *Ganymede. Not a very exciting trip, except that the ship's commander, Walter Fox, had explored and opened more new colony-worlds than any other man.

But the *Ganymede* had hardly blasted off before Lars discovered that not all the crew shared his admiration of their chief. Rumors circulated, rumblings of mutiny were heard, and the news finally broke that they weren't going to Vega at all, but to Wolf IV, the one planet from which no man had returned alive!

Echo in the Skull: Sally Ercott is a disintegrating personality. She finds herself living in filth, abject squalor, with vague memories of a clean, happy, prosperous life which has somehow slipped away.

But, superimposed on those memories are OTHER lives recalled; lives on planets alien beyond comprehension. Lives ended in horror as each world was destroyed by a malignant alien, slimy and ugly, demanding sacrifice. What is happening to this girl's mind?


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