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Dydeetown World

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Dydeetown World

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Author: F. Paul Wilson
Publisher: Baen, 1989
Easton Press, 1989
Series: The LaNague Federation: Book 4
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Welcome to the future...

Where the cream of humanity has left for the outworlds, leaving the rest behind...

Where genetically redesigned T. rexes have supplanted pit bulls...

Where population control measures have created an underclass of Urchins, unlicensed children who have no rights - not even the right to exist...

Where wireheads with chips in their brains live vicariously through the downloaded experiences of others...

Where the UN has been turned into a brothel known as Dydeetown, peopled by clones of famous personalities from history and entertainment...

Where a Dydeetown clone of Jean Harlow asks a down-and-out private eye named Sig Dreyer to find her missing lover. Though Sig loathes the idea of working for a clone, Harlow-c is paying in gold, and that's hard to turn down. Just a missing-person case... should be simple enough.

But neither realizes that Sig's investigation will tip the first domino in a cascade of events that will turn their world upside down.


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