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The Feast Makers

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The Feast Makers

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Author: Hannah Abigail Clarke
Publisher: Erewhon Books, 2024
Series: Scapegracers: Book 3

1. The Scapegracers
2. The Scratch Daughters
3. The Feast Makers

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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After restoring their powers, Sideways just wants to get on with senior year. But the covens have convened for the trial of Madeline Kline. When this stubborn, independent witch begs the Scapegracers to save her from a cruel and unusual punishment, Sideways knows they have to get involved. It's the right thing to do, even if Madeline did steal their soul and wear it for a time. Right?

Making an example out of Madeline seems, strangely, just as important to the most powerful covens as divvying up the Scapegracers amongst themselves. Sideways, Jing, Daisy, and Yates are reluctant to abandon what they've built together, but as the college acceptances (and rejections) roll in, the offer of a magical family beyond Sycamore Gorge becomes increasingly tempting.

Unfortunately, choosing a new coven will have to wait: witchfinders are gathering in town, and some of these visitors make the Chantrys seem tame in comparison. Every witch -- Scapegracer or not -- is about to be in grave danger.

And on top of all that, Sideways thinks they just might be in love.


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