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Author: Linda Nagata
Publisher: Mythic Island Press, 2024
Series: Nanotech Succession: Inverted Frontier: Book 4

1. Edges
2. Silver
3. Needle
4. Blade

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The starship Dragon, accompanied by its fleet of outriders, is faring ever deeper into that region known as the Hallowed Vasties. Here, at the shattered heart of ancient human civilization, once-living worlds were ripped apart by the dimensional intrusions of a Blade. Yet despite the apocalyptic-scale destruction, the fleet's telescopes have picked out signs of life among the ruins and the ship's company is eager to go on--but should they?

From his post on Dragon's high bridge, Urban looks ahead to the smaller starship, Griffin, now far, far in front of the fleet. The mind that pilots that ship--a stern and colder version of his lover, Clemantine--has gone silent. The implication chills him. Like Dragon, Griffin was an alien warship, designed to destroy without mercy all living worlds, and it still has a mind of its own. The question that haunts Urban: Has that alien mind somehow reclaimed control of Griffin?

It's a question he must answer, and soon. Every wonder that lies ahead--and every ambition hidden within his heart--is at risk while Griffin's true nature remains unknown.


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