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One in 300 / The Transposed Man

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One in 300 / The Transposed Man

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Author: Dwight V. Swain
J. T. McIntosh
Publisher: Ace Books, 1955

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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One in Three Hundred

ONE IN 300 is the precentage of Earthmen scheduled to survive the coming catastrophe: The sun is about to heat up and destroy Earth, and our technology will allow 1/300th of the population to be transported to Mars, where civilization can, hopefully, be rebuilt. How would YOU select those who are to survive?

The Transposed Man

HE WAS A FUTURISTIC OO7! He stole men's bodies to betray their minds. No matter where he was, and no matter whose body he happened to be inhabiting, the traitor in his heart stayed right with him. A dictatorship ruled the solar system, but the Society of Mechanists dreamed of the perfect world that would result if science and logic, not politics, called the shots.

Operator Forty-four was the Society's top secret agent, a man who could change bodies whenever pursuit began breathing down his neck. General Aneido, head of the government's Secret Service, never knew when such an enemy might be walking among Earth's billions, perhaps, in the body of the general's own best friend. Then Forty-four was assigned to steal the secret of a new invention from the woman he had once loved. That was bad enough, for their love suddenly rekindles. Then, what he actually discovered made him wonder if he was really on the right side? Suddenly both the general's Secret Service and the Society of Mechanists were after Forty-four.

Can even an invisible secret agent survive when he is surrounded on all sides? His only hope lay in two women: one who hated him and one who was unreliable!


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