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The Puzzle Planet / The Angry Espers

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The Puzzle Planet / The Angry Espers

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Author: Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
Robert W. Lowndes
Publisher: Ace Books, 1961

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The Puzzle Planet

Enigma of an unexplored world

Roy Auckland had been asked to join the expedition now on the remote planet Carolus. Despite the fact that he was a communications expert, not an explorer, he was excited about the opportunity to visit an unknown world. But he wondered why he had been requested personally by the head of the expedition.

Once on Carolus, Roy met the weird creatures called the vaec and was immediately intrigued by their mirth-loving nature and their patient devotion to practical jokes.

But was it one of their practical jokes that almost exploded alongside Dr.. James' skull? Or was it a made-on-Earth murder gimmick?

Suddenly, Roy Auckland realized that behind their "native Simplicity" the Vaec were dangerously and subtly deceptive. And he also realized that somehow he had to break through their mask to understand them--or Dr. James would be only the first of the Earthmen to die.

The Angry Espers

Walk on air--or fall in flames!

Slowly the fog of unconsciousness thinned and Paul Corban began to remember. The spaceship had crashed, but first he had called the Galactic Federation Space Navy to report that he was lost...Wait a minute-yes, he had been lost and he had crashed, and...

Now he saw the strange men hovering over him. Doctors? Had they kept him alive? Was he dead? The men vanished; they blinked out of existence! Now, was he dead?

Soon, Paul corban found that he was indeed alive and in his right mind--and that it would have been better for him and the universe if he had died, if he had gone insane, if he had lost him memory. Because the results of his survival could be infinitely disastrous!


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