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Starhaven / The Sun Smasher

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Starhaven / The Sun Smasher

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Author: Edmond Hamilton
Ivar Jorgenson
Publisher: Ace Books, 1959

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Johnny Mantell, beachcomber and broke bum, is blamed for the accidental death of a tourist. Seeing no better alternative, he steals a Star Patrol ship and flies to Starhaven, an artificial planet made to protect pirates, murderers, and villains of all kinds: an anarchic planet free of social mores and constraints.

The Sun Smasher

"It can't be true! It must be some kind of hoax!"

These are the words that go spinning through Neil Banning's mind when the Greenville authorities tell him that the house he had grown up in, the aunt and uncle who had raised him, never existed. Soon Banning finds himself in jail, charged with disturbing the peace, and maybe insanity. But when a stranger from outer space visits his cell at midnight and hails him as the Valkar of Katuun. Banning decides that maybe the authorities are right and he is crazy. Because his only alternative is to believe the impossible: that he really is the Valkar of Katuun, exiled emperor of a star empire, and the personality of Neil Banning nothing more than an elaborate fraud.

It doesn't really matter, though, who is right. For Banning finds himself starnapped, on his way to Katuun, whether he likes it or not. And as Banning, or the Valkar, he has to save that star-world from the terror of the Sun Smasher or perish with the loyal subjects he might never even have known!


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