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The Big Time / The Mind Spider and Other Stories

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The Big Time / The Mind Spider and Other Stories

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Author: Fritz Leiber
Publisher: Ace Books, 1961

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Book Type: Omnibus
Genre: Science-Fiction
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This Ace Double is almost a complete collection of Leiber's Change War stories, lacking only "A Deskful of Girls", "No Great Magic", "When the Change-Winds Blow", "Knight to Move", and "Black Corridor".

The Big Time [Change War]

Have you ever worried about your memory, because it doesn't seem to recall exactly the same past from one day to the next? Have you ever thought that the whole universe might be a crazy, mixed-up dream? If you have, then you've had hints of the Change War.

It's been going on for a billion years and it will last another billion or so. Up and down the timeline, the two sides -- "Spiders" and "Snakes" -- battle endlessly to change the future and the past. Our lives, our memories, are their battleground. And in the midst of the war is the Place, outside space and time, where Greta Forzane and the other Entertainers provide solace and R&R for tired time warriors.

This novel was also published as a single title.

The Mind Spider and Other Stories

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