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Walk to the End of the World

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Walk to the End of the World

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Author: Suzy McKee Charnas
Publisher: Berkley/Putnam, 1979
Ballantine Books, 1974
Series: Holdfast Chronicles: Book 1

0. The Slave and the Free
1. Walk to the End of the World
2. Motherlines
3. The Furies
4. The Conqueror's Child

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Dystopia
Soft SF
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(47 reads / 25 ratings)


The men of the Holdfast had long treated with contempt the degenerated creatures known as "fems." To give themselves the drive to survive and reconquer the world, the men needed a common enemy. Superstitious belief had ascribed to the fems the guilt for the terrible Wasting that had destroyed the world. They were the ideal scapegoat. The truth was lost in death and decay and buried in history. It was going to be a long journey back...


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The Blurb sums it up

- ThomasBa2
Walk to the End of the World

- Rhondak101
Subtle, not quite what you expect

- couchtomoon
Walk to the End of the World

- spoltz


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