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Rockets Through Space

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Rockets Through Space

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Author: Lester del Rey
Publisher: Winston Science Fiction, 1957

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Rockets Through Space is a juvenile science fact book, published first in 1957 as a companion to the Winston Science Fiction series. Of course, at the time of its publication, no one had yet been into space and even the first satellite launch was still in the future. But the Space Age was coming and this book was one of those that explained what that meant to the young people of the time. Here's how it was described then:

"We are on the threshold of Space. Very soon - perhaps before this book appears - the first man-made satellites will be launched by rockets into outer space and will begin to circle the Earth. What we learn from the instruments in these tiny spheres will help us to take the next important steps in our efforts to explore the Moon and, later, the far reaches of the Universe.

"In this absorbing book, Mr. del Rey explains why the idea of penetrating the great void of Space is no longer a wild dream. Rockets Through Space is not a science-fiction book. It is science fact. Here you will read what we already know about the realms beyond Earth's atmosphere. You will examine the inside of a future rocketship. You will learn the principles of jet propulsion; how men will live where there is no gravity; what dangers will be faced by the first daring pioneers in Space.

"As far as human ingenuity can determine, every detail will be worked out in advance. Very little will be left to chance. Yet, as in all ventures into the unknown, experience alone can give us the final answers.

"Rockets Through Space gives every known answer to the questions young people ask about space travel. At the same time, it offers fascinating speculation, including the best theories proposed by scientists, about those questions which will only be answered when men are actually out there.


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