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Locus Young Adult Award

Locus Young Adult Award

Locus nominations are presented annually to twenty publishers through a process of nomination by readers of Locus magazine. In 1971, when the first such list was compiled, it was not so much an award as an informal poll designed to predict the outcome of (and clarify the choices for) the Hugo awards.

Complete Locus Young Adult Award novel listing from 2003-2024

About the Locus YA Award

Locus History

Now, the Locus awards, organized by the industry magazine, draw more voters than any other award system. Locus magazine hosts an annual banquet for the publishers and presents a unique plaque to the winners in 2 catagories: Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Selection Process

Readers make up to five ranked nominations per category; votes are tabulated according to the 'Carr' system, awarding a first-place vote 8 points, second-place vote 7 points, etc.

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