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T. A. Barron

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T. A. Barron

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Full Name: Thomas Archibald Barron
Born: March 26, 1952
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: Writer, Conservationist
Nationality: American


Barron spent his early childhood in Harvard, Massachusetts, a town full of apple orchards and New England history (including the childhood home of Louisa May Alcott). His family moved to Colorado and he spent much of his youth on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Barron's writing reflects his great passion for nature and the spiritual values of the natural world, as well as his belief in the power of every person.

He studied history and politics at Princeton University, where he was a Trustee, before he won a Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University. He also has business and law degrees from Harvard University. To further his education, he spent a year traveling with his backpack around Europe, Asia, and Africa. He served as president of a private equity firm in New York City before changing careers in 1990, when he returned to Colorado with his wife, Currie, and their children to become a full-time writer and conservationist.

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