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Jon Skovron

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Jon Skovron

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Full Name: Jon Skovron
Occupation: writer, actor
Nationality: American


Jon Skovron has been an actor, musician, lifeguard, Broadway theater ticket seller, warehouse grunt, technical writer, and web developer. Now he is a father and the author of Young Adult novels Struts & Frets, Misfit and the forthcoming Man Made Boy, as well as many short stories and essays. He generally likes stories that are dark, strange, and occasionally funny.

Jon was born in Columbus, Ohio. After traveling around a bit, from Pittsburgh to London to New York to Seattle, he has settled, somewhat haphazardly, in the Washington, DC area, where he and his two sons can regularly be seen not fitting into the general Government scene.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 The Empire of Storms

 1. (2016)
 2. (2017)
 3. (2017)

 The Goddess War (Skovron)

 1. (2020)
 2. (2021)
 3. (2022)

 Man Made Boy

 1. (2003)
 2. (2004)