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Joshua Gaylord

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Joshua Gaylord

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Full Name: Joshua Gaylord
Occupation: writer
Nationality: American


Joshua Gaylord also writes under the pen name of Alden Bell

Joshua Gaylord lives in New York. Since 2000, he has taught high school English at an Upper East Side prep school (a modern orthodox co-educational Yeshiva). He has also taught literature and cultural studies courses as an adjunct professor at the New School and NYU. Prior to coming to New York, he grew up in the heart of Orange County: Anaheim, home of Disneyland. He graduated from Berkeley with a degree in English and a minor in creative writing, where his instructors included Bharati Mukherjee, Leonard Michaels and Maxine Hong Kingston. In 2000, he received his Master's and Ph.D. in English at New York University, specializing in twentieth-century American and British literature. In general, he tends to like people--particularly the ones who like him, though that's not a prerequisite.

Alden Bell has the same history but is more serious in all the ways you'd like him to be. He engages in bar fights that end amicably and spends a lot of time at the dog track.

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