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Alan Baxter

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Alan Baxter

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Full Name: Alan Baxter
Born: April 18, 1979
Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Occupation: Writer, Publisher
Nationality: Australian


Alan Baxter is an author of dark fantasy, science fiction and horror who was born in the UK and moved to Australia in the mid-1990s. He also runs dark fiction publisher Blade Red Press and is a martial artist and Personal Trainer, running the Illawarra Kung Fu Academy on the south coast of NSW, Australia.

Baxter has more than 50 short stories published in a variety of journals and anthologies in Australia, the US, the UK and France including Fantasy & Science Fiction, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Daily Science Fiction, and more than twenty anthologies, including The Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror. In 2011, Baxter was nominated for a Ditmar Award for Best New Talent and his story "Not The Worst Of Sins" was nominated for the Ditmar Award in the Best Short Story category in 2014.

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