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Rudy Rucker

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Rudy Rucker

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Full Name: Rudolf von Bitter Rucker
Born: March 22, 1946
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Occupation: Writer, Computer Scientist, Mathematician, Philosopher
Nationality: American


Rudy Rucker is a writer and a mathematician who worked for twenty years as a Silicon Valley computer science professor, and published a number of software packages.

Rucker is regarded as contemporary master of science-fiction, and received the Philip K. Dick award twice. His thirty published books include both novels and non-fiction books on the fourth dimension, infinity, and the meaning of computation.

A founder of the cyberpunk school of science-fiction, Rucker also writes SF in a realistic style known as transrealism. His 2006 Mathematicians in Love was an example of a transreal novel. His early cyberpunk four-book series was republished in 2010 as The Ware Tetralogy.

Rucker's 2007 novel, Postsingular was something of a return to the cyberpunk style, as was the 2009 sequel, Hylozoic, in which every object on Earth comes to life. Rucker's autobiography, Nested Scrolls, appeared in 2011, as did his novel of the afterlife, Jim and the Flims.

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