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Leigh Richmond

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Leigh Richmond

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Full Name: Leigh Tucker Richmond
Born: April 21, 1911
Died: July 14, 1995
Haywood, North Caroline, USA
Occupation: Writer, Scientist
Nationality: American


US writer who began publishing with Prologue to an Analogue (June 1961 Analog; 2009 ebook), and who wrote some solo stories. Her several sf novels were all in collaboration with her husband, Walt Richmond; three were revised by her after his death.

Almost all their work together expressed a sense - one formally presented by the Centric Foundation which they founded and directed - that scientific breakthroughs could be made by young minds freed of the bureaucratic artifices of orthodox scientific thinking; unfortunately, overloaded Space-Opera plotting did little to make their novels convincing emblems of this new clarity, and the exaggerated individualism they expressed seemed less mould-breaking than nostalgic.

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