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Guy Endore

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Guy Endore

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Full Name: Samuel Guy Endore
Born: July 4, 1900
Brooklyn, New York
Died: February 12, 1970
Los Angeles, California
Occupation: novelist, screenwriter, translator
Nationality: American


Endore, a U.S. author and successful Hollywood screenwriter, is best know for his novel The Werewolf of Paris, possibly the most significant entry in the development of the werewolf subgenre, which he adapted into a screenplay for the film The Curse of the Werewolf (1961). He also scripted supernatural cult favorites Mad Love and Mark of the Vampire (both 1935). Endore was a committed political and social activist whose activities led to his persecution by the House Un-American Activities Committee and temporary blacklisting by the Hollywood studios. Along with his supernatural stories, Endore's books include psychological mysteries and biographies of Voltaire, de Saad, and Rousseau. His novel King of Paris, based on the life of Alexandre Dumas, was a bestseller in 1956.

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