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H. G. Wells

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H. G. Wells

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Full Name: Herbert George Wells
Born: September 21, 1866
Died: August 13, 1946
Occupation: Writer, Teacher, Journalist
Nationality: British


From the Science Channel:

"I told you so..." H.G. Wells' self-penned epitaph underscores a lifetime of grim, yet uncanny prophecy. With stories like The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells established himself as a sci-fi writer of almost clairvoyant talent. But Wells' tales of hi-tech adventure belie an ominous vision of the future.

Beneath the technological wonder of 1895's The Time Machine, Wells attacks the growing class disparity in his native Britain... through a dystopian future where the ruling class literally eat their inferiors.

In 1898's Martian invasion epic, The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells makes a ghastly--and accurate--prediction that soon becomes a staple of the modern battlefield: deadly biological weapons.

In 1914's The World Set Free, scientists uncover a revolutionary power source, propelling mankind into a new age of prosperity and technological progress. But this same energy is soon turned to warfare, with next-level weapons that unleash unprecedented horrors on humanity. In this tale, H.G. Wells accurately prophesizes the advent of the atomic bomb.

H.G. Wells' frighteningly accurate predictions hold a grave warning: beware the dark side of progress. Our greatest innovations could very well become the tools of our own destruction.

To purchase the Science Channel's excellent one-hour documentary on H. G. Wells, click here.

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